In 1964, Red Atwood became interested in collecting Lionel O gauge trains.  As the years passed and the trains began to accumulate, Red starting dreaming of building one of the world's largest model railroads.  In 1976 a new home was especially built to accommodate his dream.  Five years later, his dream came true.


Trainland U.S.A. is an operating toy train museum, displaying Lionel trains and accessories.  It is so named because it depicts the development of the railroad across the United States.  This exhibit represents three eras of time; frontier, steam, and diesel.  The display area is the size of two average ranch style homes.  The center section is the frontier and steam era, while the outside is diesel which runs from coast to coast.  All scenery is handpainted and the entire layout is glass enclosed.  Four control panels create an automated train control system with their own telephone communications.  There are approx. 60 operating Lionel accessories still in their original state.  To learn more, click on our Points of Interest which lists some of the highlights you can expect to see while visiting Trainland U.S.A.


Several of Red's friends and neighbors along with hundreds of hours of labor were involved in completing this project.  Trainland U.S.A. also features original railroad memorabilia and old toy trains dating from 1916 to 1976.

Adults: $7.50
Kids 12 & Under: $5.00
Kids Under 2: FREE
55 & Over: $7.00

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